Telematic Sonic Performance: Suelo Fértil 1 – Mexico – London – Linz

Image by Yesica Barrera

Suelo Fértil was planned as a live telematic improvisation between 4 performers in London and 4 performers in Mexico, exploring ideas of migration, belonging and place, taking place simultaneously in both London and Mexico. A conversation with sounds, an invitation to cultivate a virtual dialogue of words, voices and sounds between migrant women in Mexico, the UK and Linz, that nourishes a fertile soil to inhabit migratory contexts.
Through a personal and collective reflective process, via Internet, eight migrant women residing in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Austria and the United States, have for one-month practiced Deep Listening, including listening to: their voice, dreams, memories, body and the outer environment. In this manner they have recognised the vast territories that they inhabit and how these connect with their inner self, transcending identities and the sense of belonging to a specific ‘place’, listening to the rich complexity that is generated through space, time and memory in the migratory experience. Using binaural sound and bi-directional audio, the telematic performance intended to connect two physical spaces, in Mexico City and London, from which the participants will share with the audience the spaces that they have discovered. The processes of listening, connection and performance focused on questioning which are the conditions that each requires for that soil to breath as fertile. They were joined by other women from the audience while exploring through sonic actions the shared migratory conditions of uncertainty, certainty and risk.
Technical problems for the connection between London and Mexico changed the course of the performance, and created instead a local performance in London, and a telematic performance between Mexico and Linz. A forthcoming video will be published on this page, showcasing the two performances.

Performers Conversation: Ana Cecilia Medina, Gabriela Gordillo, Jazmín, María Ponce, Miho Hagino, Sol, Yasmin Kuymizakis and Yesica Barrera.

Co-Producer: Holly Ingleton

Fertile Soil is part of the Forum Arte en Tránsito [Art in Transit] and commissioned by UNESCO Mexico, in collaboration with CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) – London College of Communication, the Center for Deep Listening (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy), Resonance FM, Soundjack, and the Centro Nacional de las Artes (CENART).


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