Suelo Fértil Audio Essay – in FOOT 2017


Suelo Fértil [Fertile Soil]: A telematic platform for migrant women

Ximena Alarcón

In this audio essay, presented on March 5th, in FOOT2017 Festival in the Panel ‘Cultures and Listening’, in Toronto-Canada, the listener is invited to immerse on the migrant women’s reflections on the space that has been shared, and the connections that they have established. Two telematic performances created in May and July 2016 are treated as sound archives interwoven with women’s creative process, their reflections and my commentaries. In-between bilingual voices, the listener is invited to perform a reflective listening exercise extracting the essence of the project beyond complete linguistic understanding. Suelo Fértil is envisioned as a sustainable artistic platform: embracing virtual connections as a sonic architecture that connects physical spaces, to support the grounding and expansion of migrant women, so as to flourish in any soil.

You can listen to it here, and please use headphones:

Suelo Fértil Audio Essay

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