Suelo Fértil and Empire of Dreams


Ximena Alarcón invited me last year (2016) to be part of Suelo Fértil, there I found the fertile soil that I needed in another spacial territory, in my own territory (radio)!!!

I met June Chua this year (January 2017), we were at a party and we started chatting about our experience as migrant women. I told her about Suelo Fértil and how I was so inspired by it to create a podcast and surprisingly she was also interested in the same theme! she is a journalist and has written articles and directed videos about migration. So, we joined forces to create the podcast “Empire of Dreams”.

Empire of Dreams is an audio voyage of 10-episodes, a narrative arc that unravels the stories behind The Story of Migration — the many dimensions of the human quest: personal, economic, historic, societal and artistic. The podcast will feature personal interviews interweaved with soundscape, music and dream sequences.

We will address human histories that span centuries of migration and human development with societies becoming divided, acquiring nationalities and imposing borders.

We invite you to listen to the demo of Empire of Dreams 


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